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Jackpot mania in Romania!

The beginning of summer is bringing mega surprises for 10 Maxbet gaming halls fron regions: Ramnicu Valcea, Buzau, Bacau 1, Constanta 1, Ploiesti 1, Craiova 1, Targu Mures, Pitesti 2, Brasov 2, Bacau 2. Maxbet’s customers that play in this halls have the chance to win one of 12 lucky jackpots at stake this month with a total worth of 120,000 ron.

Advertising action „Jackpot mania” is taking place between 14 – 29 June 2012 and offers to Maxbet’s customers the chance to win every working day of the week one of the 12 jackpots at stake, each with a worth of 1,000 ron.

Be a faithfull customer and play in Maxbet gaming halls to always be a winner! Play between 14 – 29 June 2012 and you can catch one of the 12 lucky jackpots!