Super Saturday in Casino Platinum

Rules for the drawing and issuing tickets:

American roulette:
Every payout of 700 kn and above (outside chances are excluded) – 1 coupon
Every payout of 2000 kn and above (outside chances are excluded) – 3 coupons
BLACK JACK - combinations: BJ, 777, 678, 6 cards under 21 - 1 coupon
POKER - combinations: straight and higher - 1 coupon
Winner of the Poker tournament – 1 coupon


  • receive a combination of 2000 credits (200 kn) - 1 coupon (including bonus games)
  • wins any jackpots - 3 coupons

We will make a drawing 2 times on Saturday night at 23:00 and 01:00:

We will make an announcement for all players in the casino to put their names in a lottery box,
then we turn it and pull out a name (at 23:00).
The person who is called should come to the roulette wheel and pick a number.
The dealer spins the roulette wheel and if the player hits the number then he gets 2500 kn.
If he gets a number that is next to the winning number then he will get 1500 kn.
If he hits nothing then we give him 500 kn. 
What is left over goes to the next spin. For example, for the first spin at 23:00, if the client does not hit a number or a number next to the winning number we will give him 500kn and we will still have 2000 kn. 
For the next spin at 01:00, the client has a chance to win 4500 kn. If he does not hit the number or the numbers next to the winning number, we will still give him 500 kn. 4000 kn would be left over and this money would go for next Saturday.