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Volkswagen Jetta in Romania

Great winnings continue at MaxBet!

From September 1st to November 2nd 2012, our customers get the chance to win one of 9 (yes, 9!) superb Volkswagen Jettas and cash prizes with a total value of 77.000 lei!
The campaign is running at all of our locations in Bucharest and also in 3 of our locations in Ramnicu Valcea and Brasov.

Want to be a winner? Find out how!

The 9 VW Jetta and cash prizes of 8,500 lei total value per raffle will be awarded to winning customers at participating MaxBet halls as follows:

Gorjului * Drumul Taberei 140 * Drumul Taberei 80 * Crangasi * B-dul Timisoara 49
Raffle: Gorjului Hall, October 18th, 20:30h
Dristor * Prosper * Pantelimon
Raffle: Prosper Hall, October 18th, 20:30h
Mihalache 111 * Mihalache 45 * Gara de Nord * Bucurestii Noi * Floreasca
Raffle: Mihalache 111 Hall, October 19th, 20:30h
Mosilor * Colentina * Obor *Iancului * Potcoava
Raffle: Iancului Hall, October 25th, 20:30h
Cotroceni * Militari Lujerului * Magheru
Raffle: Militari Lujerului Hall, October 26th, 20:30h
City Mall *Rahova 2 * Rahova 5 * Giurgiului * Obregia
Raffle: City Mall Hall, November 1st, 20:30h
1 Decembrie * Salajan
Raffle: 1 Decembrie Hall November 2nd, 20:30h
Ramnicu Valcea, River Plaza Mall
Great Draw: Ramnicu Valcea River Plaza Hall, October 26th, 20:30h
Brasov Onix * Brasov Centru
Raffle: sala Brasov Onix Hall, October 26th, 20:30h

The end of the promotion will be celebrated with 9 incredible parties where the 9 cars and cash prizes will be awarded for the draws and at tournaments between players.

For more information about the campaign please click here!