Golden VIP on Goretskogo!

On the 27th of July 2011 in the club MAXBET on Goretskogo str. 27 – the VIP Gold with prizes totaling -has been spent

9 000 000 Belarus rubbles



Guests of the MAXBET Goretskogo waited 10 jackpots on 600, 000 and a tournament in which bronze winner received - 600 000 bonus points, Silver - 900 000, and the winner - 1 500 000 bonus points and right on the super-game prize - 3 000 000.

 In that evening we have created atmosphere of a disco 80 for our guests. Charming girls were dressed in disco style and their incendiary dances of music 80th got increased mood of visitors. Also in the hall the professional photographer worked and everyone could make a picture for memory.

During the evening charming girls brought drinks and snacks for all the guests of the MAXBET hall, directly to gaming machines, so that nothing would distract visitors from the game.


And, of course, it could not prove without grate show which hasn't allowed to start missing to any player.

Gifts from MAXBET were presented for all the guests who had a birthday in July. It has already become the old tradition for such kind of the evenings.


The tournament at this time collected 28 players.

The winner of tournament didn't won in Super-game for the 3 000 000 bonus points, and it passes on the following Golden VIP and will already make 6 000 000 bonus points.


In this core program activity is completed. Many guests were not in a hurry to disperse, imbued with the atmosphere of the evening. Next Gold VIP will be on the 31th of August for the Gold VIP. And we believe it will be even better.


win more, win
more often


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