Porsche Boxster!

The awards speed up at MaxBet!


On Friday, June 10, MaxBet has offered a Porsche Boxster as an award within the grand advertising campaign in development. The lucky winner has been announced within a big event offered by MaxBet for the most powerful and loyal players in Militari Lujerului. The promotion “Awards speed up at Maxbet” developed between March 15 and November 12 2011 brings into attention only the top players of Maxbet, the owners of a Bonus Club card that reached the Gold level. The 70 top players have participated to the first grand drawing out of a Porsche Boxster on June 10.



Even if the big award has made only one player extremely happy, the rest of the participants were also awarded with consolation prizes. Maxbet uses all occasions to please the customers offering the most exclusivist and luxurious parties. The atmosphere on Friday night was enlightened by the great performance of a famous Romanian artist, Andrea Balan, who offered the guests an extraordinary show together with her dancers and the famous Petrisor. The well-known illusionist Robertino was also present with a few seducing hostess.



The great party ended close to midnight with the big award drawing out, a Porsche Boxster.

The advertising for Gold clients continues, they have 5 months left for collecting the points and challenging for winning the second Porsche Boxter that will be awarded in November.

The surprises keep on going at MaxBet every month! 



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