The bonus club international gaming system

general card

The exclusive Bonus Club card system is one of the Maxbet chain's many advantages on the gaming market. The Bonus Club was made possible by the unification of all of Maxbet's game machines on a single system. Now, it does not matter where you're playing. If you win at Maxbet, you become an important client and we invite you to join our gamers' club.

You can pick up your club card at any of our casinos, and then swipe the club card in a special slot during your next game. Then, regardless of whether you win or lose, your card will accrue bonus points that can be used later on to access new gaming possibilities.

Remember—by using your club card in Maxbet's casinos, you are given access to a whole set of additional services and privileges, making your time here more relaxing and giving you access to a number of bigger, better prizes.


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