Mr. Jack & Ms. Pott and Pirates Gold


Discover October’s prizes next to the treasure hunters Mr. Jack & Ms. Pott! Attention, prizes are guarded by skilled pirates but fun is at its peak!

     The list of locations where you can discover the treasures next to Mr. Jack and Ms. Pott is:
•    MaxBet Crangasi
•    MaxBet Morarilor 
•    MaxBet Brancoveanu
•    MaxBet Chibrit
•    MaxBet Mosilor Eminescu
•    MaxBet Muncii
•    MaxBet Pitesti Trivale
•    MaxBet Bacau Mioritei
•    MaxBet Craiova
•    MaxBet Galati Siderurgistilor

Start the adventure of winnings in any of the participating locations! The most daring hunters can double or even triple the prizes and will find even the pirates’ gold!