Exclusive Jumbo Jackpots for Maxbet players

Maxbet offers a unique jackpot accumulation system and provides special opportunities to win additional prize money. In a typical slot machine experience, you are only focused on winning the maximum prize available on a given slot machine, and occasionally you'll have the chance to win the largest prize available from a group of machines. Maxbet offers more! We have linked all of our slot machines with a single system and we offer super prizes—jumbo jackpots that you can win from any one of our slot machines!

Exclusively for Maxbet players:

  • Mystery Local Jackpots—Victory is near! All of the slot machines in the casino where you are playing contribute to this prize. Furthermore, playing on any slot machine with any size wager, you will have a chance to win the regular Local Jackpot. If, while using any of our machines, you happen to place a high enough wager, then you not only have a chance to win the Local Jackpot, but the Local VIP Jackpot as well.
  • Mystery City Jackpots—let's play together! This prize is based not on one machine, but all of the machines in all of Maxbet's casinos in your city or region. This allows us to offer prizes of unprecedented size, which can be won by anyone playing in any of Maxbet's casinos, regardless of the size of the wager or the combination of symbols!
  • Mystery Bonus Jackpots—More possibilities than ever! If you are playing in a Maxbet casino using a Bonus Club card, you have a chance to win all of the above jackpots, PLUS a series of special prizes available only to Bonus Card holders!

Please note! All jackpots are considered chance gains and can be won on any slot machine, in any casino. This jackpot is displayed on plasma screens in our rooms, where you can see the jackpot amount and the number of your machine, if you win.