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LED is a company operating in the Entertainment Industry. The company’s mission is to develop a chain of entertainment centers for leisure under two different brands:

  • JOYVILLAGE for family entertainment
  • LUCKYVILLE for adults only

JOYVILLAGE & LUCKYVILLE will be developed on land plots between 1.000 and 4.000 square meters in size. The centers will offer a wide range of services including bowling, billiards, children’s areas, dining areas, game rooms, AWP and VLT game rooms.


History of LED

LED has its headquarters in Brescia and it operates on a national level in the entertainment industry. After running operations for over 10 years, the partnering founders have accumulated valuable experience on how to establish and manage family entertainment centers. The entertainment field grew up towards a professional and up-dated approach, demanding a modern management company. Developing the field of entertainment in the sphere of the large distribution and of the organized business demands ability and competence together with a solid organization. LED today represents the ideal partner for the development and the management of the entertainment business.


Vision of LED (Mission)

•    To create modern family entertainment centers for families and people of all ages.
•    To raise the standard of hospitality, manage well maintained facilities, employ professionally trained personnel and guarantee guest security.
•    To make high quality entertainment available to everyone, yet have the resources to satisfy even the most demanding customer.
•    To grow customer loyalty so guests will keep coming back for more fun and entertainment.


LED Main Advantages

•    Many years of experience in the field of entertainment.
•    Experience establishing entertainment centers in shopping malls, movie theaters and other urban areas.
•    Flexibility to change along with the newest trends and adapt to the customer’s taste.
•     Knowledge of valuating and giving business previsions.



The company’s business goals are to achieve a key position in the adult and children’s entertainment sector by developing a wide variety of products and services. This is in order to reach the widest customer range as possible and strengthen our market position as a result of customer satisfaction and loyalty.